Tuesday, January 4, 2011

#333...I'm an ADDICT - Part II


I really in deep mess when it come with skirt,
Even ma GF notice about it..Thanks gurls!
Skirt give me confident, Cliche? nope because previously i'm little bit Chubby and Don't have the Guts to wear all this. But now i DO!! And i really wonder where on earth i can buy this skirt? If you guyz know please share it with me..:)) 

JieJah's Say...

What are you most looking forward to in 2011?
I’m most looking forward to:

-my journey with ma mon petite ami, Insyallah
-my new career path :)
-more adventures
-finding new books, music, and movies that feel like long lost friends.
-more traveling this year
-more music experience and theater
-2010 have treat ,me in many sweet memories and i hope that 2011 will embark my new journey to be the BEST!

Have a great day Peep's!! and Happy New Year :))


sHa said...

jie, try la cr kat sg wang. maybe sn banyak choice n harga mmg berbaloi2 la..

Azizah Abd Jamal said...


Mekaseh projek untuk minggu ini wee~~