Tuesday, January 4, 2011

#334...Music & Me

Among a great thing happen to me after New Year,

I'm really into music from Jazz to Hardcore Rock...Just count me in :), But acoustic and unplugged is my favorite! For my first acoustic is From Aizat and Zainal Abidin.

Dang!!! Both of them are really talented in they own genre. To hear Aizat sing live make me impressed by this talent and to see Zainal Abidin LIVE! that even greater. The song really remind me of ma childhood song,
The song that i sing a long with my Bak with Guitar on this Hand. Gosh....I really have fun that Nite :))
More to come i hope! i will share more picture afterward...Have a great day ahead. I have quite busy schedule, will update later i guess..

Fresh talent with great future :) good luck!

Just Lovin the sound from Zainal's group esp the guitarist..

JieJah's Say...In nyanyi Mode.."Ikhlas tp Jauh :))"

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