Thursday, January 27, 2011

#347... So you think....plain word

So you think that you always right,

but without thinking the other logical reason behind it..and i think you need a bloody mirror too!

So you think that your attitudes are good,

but i think you need some attitude adjustment too and also being BAD a** also!

So you think that my fren is a jerk,

but look at yourself you have any real friend that can accept you AS who are?

So you think that people always hurt you,

look i don't blame them as you are so cruel to other people, what's goes around comes around

So you think that you are cooler that others,

this one make laugh as i really think that you are COLD heart person not COOL

So you think that u can cursed people by using all Harsh words,

i know I'm not perfect but i know that its just plain rude when you used Harsh word to address a person..who u think you're? Remember u are not GOD!

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