Friday, February 11, 2011


Lately i meet many types of people
but there a particular types always get my nerves
The more me ignore
The more they chase me
The more i talk
the more they pointing to me

If you think with yer style like 60's to 70's works in and you think you're right
I guess you need to rethink again...
I'm still learning many thing at one time and I'm not perfect at all
Don't expect it to be perfect all the time...
and remember the only perfect person in the world is Al-Mighty.

Oh! not to forget, We as Muslim and Asian people we have our manners
if you can be manners to your bosses, clients, parents, wife etc
why on earth you are so rude to other people?
look & observe surrounding you...
Most of the people sick and tired of up yer eyes and see!

Who am i to say all this,
I'm just exploring all new thing and still learning plus exploring my new job..
Show me and guide the way,
i know i can do the best and be the best in my field..

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