Wednesday, March 9, 2011

#405...Hanya pendapat

I learned few things today,

#Make sure you planned your work properly..

#As asian, never forget your ethic especially when you are talking, instruct someone and use an ethical way to convey the message.

#Respect your colleague as your friend don't treat them like they don't exist.

#Never assume and never listen to rumor, bad news people!

#Always be true to yourself, never let other people harm you down.

#In malay version, Jangan berlagak dan mendongak ke langit, pesan orang tuaku..buruk padahnya! Always keep your feet on the ground.

Life have they own way,
There up and down,
Learn to listen,
To all..that is the right way,
Listen to rhyme carefully,
In gods will..
You will be in the good hand eventually..

:) Insyaallah. *amin.*

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