Wednesday, March 30, 2011

#431...Rags to Riches

I want to learn how to write and not these dollar store verses that I scribble on looseleaf paper.  I want them carved into fine vellum, inked with deep red hues of posh penmanship, and sealed with a wax emblem from my lips.  I want these words to mean something to you, take them from rags to riches and adorn every detail of you.  I want to sit in your pupils and watch as you read them and feel the parts that move you.  I want to smooth out my shoddy cursive into ribbons of silk that flow thru you.   I want to learn to write the things you want to read, words to make you fall in love with me.

I’ll write you poems.

I’ll write you novels.

I’ll write you volumes.

JieJah's Say...

Mind your tongue… my teeth are sharp.

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