Thursday, March 31, 2011

#432...I am who I am

You may ask me why
But I don't think u will understand why.

I like to wear bright and white
Because I feel confident and felt good in it..

To me simple is more,
But like to accessories thing too..

I like to observe and me respected people as they equal deserve..

I love music, theater, live band and comedy stand...

I live to ma dream and with blessing of Al-mighty insyaallah it will be mind.

I hate people that did not appreciate people surrounding them, rude, big headed and create bad energy surround me.

I care and cherish people that I loved most..

I'm a huge fan of handbag and shoe :)

I adore many creative people in the world.

I appreciated things surrounding me.

I'm lucky to have a great boss and cool friend to turn too..

I wish to go for a vacation soon, I need to distress asap..

I respect people whom teach me fact about work, relationship and live.

I loved to learn more skill to improve me better..

I know where I stand,
This is who I am..
You ... Have a problem with that?

Enough with your drama,
If u don't know me..I guess u need to rethink what u had say!

Get me? -__-*#
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