Sunday, April 10, 2011

#354...Yuummmy F1 weekend

The line here at Sepang is killing me. Nasib la murah ye, En. Celcom if not sure saya akan bertukar menjadi cookie monster :P seperti saya tinggalkan En.Maxis yang sangat mahal!..

Yes, its bloody hot just now but now its more windy and me like it!

If you ask me why I'm here..? It the drive and passion about the sport. :)

To see all the mat salleh and hot chick make me feel good :).

Without me realized I'm falling deeply in love with automotive industry. I just love and adore fast monster machine. Working at my place giving me an advantage but if there is no passion, your work means nothing..

On the other hand, to see them really open and well mannered make me impressed. Especially on throwing rubbish, treat other people with respect and many more..

Will update more pic of yummmmmmy F1 soon. Have a great weekend ahead!
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