Monday, April 11, 2011

#355...On basic fundamental

I'm just an observant in every way, I learn many thing in life from basic to other thing in life. Maybe it sound typical, I just love right basic in life example *adap to work ethic, communicating and many more.

Last saturday, something happen that broke ma heart. I accompany my mum to Tesco, after settle buying grocery my mum decide to eat at food court..after she purchase her food suddenly a small boy accidentally push a metal signboard and fall on my mum leg. Being panic as I am, I rush to her and gosh! She really in pain. Yes, she is crying out and the sad part is the parent of the little boy didn't have courtesy to say sorry or apologize instead the parent continue eating..Omg! Being piss like hell I just go to the table and say this

"Saya kecewa dengan perangai makcik, dan saya malu dengan makcik sebab makcik xde perasaan untuk mintak maaf pun!"...Dan saya malu sebab makcik seorang melayu yang kurang adapnya!...and me just blah from there.

Other people came to me and ma mum asking how she is, that felt so good.

The reason me share this story of mine because I'm sad because our new generation even old also lack sense of *Adap..or manners to me this is a basic fundamental of who you are and what you are.

Without this who are we and how people will respect you? At the end of the day... You don't have the right to blame other if you also didn't treat people right.

Do remember this every word that u say or wish act as a "DOA" my advice think twice if u wanna curse or using harsh word to express your anger. One day, u will feel the pain that you caused before. Before that happen..I suggest its not to late to change. Better late than never.

This is just ma plain opinion about daily things happening surrounding me..and ma universe.

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