Wednesday, April 13, 2011

#358...And this is me

I love simple and natural thing in life,
I love bright colors..
I love handbag, shoe and nice cloth,
I'm wearing scarf and me loving it,
I love chocolate..,
I'm moody when me PMS,
I love guitar and drum,
I love all type of music,
I love live music, teater and acoustic live
I'm petite with not a perfect figure,
I'm daddy baby gal and mummy little pride,
I'm a city girl but adore my tokmak's home dearly,
I love hit to the beach to calm ma mind,
Me love owl, elephant, cat and cute animal :)
Me easy to cry especially emotional movie heheee!
Me love unique smell especially with ma parfum..
Me love hot chocolate, latte and ice-blended...yummmmmmmmmy!

Me hate pretender..
Me hate people that use harsh word,
Me hate people that don't have their believe and own stand,
Me hate self centered pozer's,
Me hate people that can't admit at they own mistakes!

And you all must wondering why me list all this.. The answer is this among who I am and what I am.

I may not be perfect but me in the voyage of learning..and with Allah's bliss I'm happy with ma family, love ones and ma close friend..

So if you think with your little drama queen low class act will ruin me,
Think again... May truth reveal it soon..Insyallah. *Amin!
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