Friday, June 3, 2011

#409...On hectic days

This couple of day, its really tiring from mental to physically. At one point some say I look "garang" because my face is to bloody serious. Sorry guys didn't mean to I was too concentrating with incoming event.

This month, is a hectic month. Just can't wait for July to come :), owh the event that I will handle this month is private event at our showroom at Bukit Bintang, Track day and driving experience at Sepang International Circuit and last event is a test drive event.

Yes, can't wait for my 2nd driving experience with Porsche but in the same time I'm stressed with the mise en place.
This week I can proudly say its a drama week. From episode of an ego bastards, to back to back drama of a wannabe player to a heartless of a human being.

Many thing this week had touched ma heart, some may say I'm to emotional I just say I'm not pretender and proudly not hypocrite. I know where I stand and who I am.

Just wanna share on things that I learned this week, chase your dream if you do trust me, god will lead u the way. On top of that as a muslim we been teach don't be stingy or 'kedekut'... The more you stingy the smaller your world is. Don't get me wrong, I'm not advising to become a big spender but at time we need to be more rationalized in every thing that we do. The most important thing is if you ever do something wrong or hurting people intentionally, do say sorry. Trust me it will make a huge different.

Which me luck for tomorrow.
Have a great weekend. Cheeers!
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