Wednesday, June 1, 2011

#408...Only words

Its been a while I didn't update this blog, I admit been busy and pretty much tired with things happening surrounding me.. Here's something that I want to share with all of you;

Small business..
Its been a dream to start ma own little business, and last two weeks me and 2 of my gals initiated a small shawls business. Three of us are really exited and really into all this. And syukur with Al-Mighty with his guidance too. To dear friends, this little project its came from our heart and we hope that u're going to support us.
P.s : I sew some of the exclusive shawl, picture will share it later :)

The dates
Few of our dearly friend is already married and myself is still waiting the proper date for our day. Alhamdulilah, we tentatively manage to get our suitable date *when..its still secret! Heheheee!
Pray for us ya!

Series of event,
Well this month is full series of multiple event, from revealing to a private launch, to motorsports week in sepang to series of mini private test me I'm going to buzzzy lady! But honestly I just love it.

Beautiful moment,
Thru many thing had happen from emotionally to work wise..I'm glad and syukur at the same time. Dearly gf and ma love ones keep on supporting me in many times I just feel I want to quit but you are there to comfort and convince me to remain as what it is. Truthly I'm glad and insyallah will be here as long that it takes.

This is among topic I guess will never end, in the same time I guess this type of people will be there for a purpose right? To this people, you can say anything or assume anything about me..
I honestly don't care, because that is. Who I am and I'm professional with it. If you think I'm a bitch think again, then I guess you guys will be bas**** then? Get me! Think twice what you do or say! And sad to say you hurt people more than you all can realized. Otherwise you are just typical people with stupid politic!

This is some few things that I wanna share with you,
Have a great day people!

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