Tuesday, August 2, 2011

#540...You don't know my name

People calling me jijie, jiejah, jijot, zizah, azizah, auntie gg, etc..I suka jer.

August..yes its my favorite month, simply because its my birthday month :D

I called my car as my bf simply because he accompany me everywhere

I wear my scarf without anyone ask me to, it just simple happen and I'm loving it!

I still keep my secret, but i can sense people mood or emotionally (and it distracted me very much!)

I tend to be grumpy especially when I'm nervous, been force to do something that I don't like and I tend to grump a lot when me period!

I like chocolate, I mean a lot with juices :3 meow!

My perfect vacation is beach baby! :')

I really and trully like white shirt, one of my favorite color!

I like to sniff, I love to smell thing, like baby's hair, love the smell of new item, and I adore people smell nice..

I love people smile with showing their teeth! They look so happy, yummy and honest!

Me reallllllllly love item with checkered pattern from my scarf to my blouse..especially Burberry!

My favorite smell still Armani and Burberry London.

I love to wear baju kurung because its comfy, sexy and simple, however I really like to see man in baju melayu! As if they are Pahlawan gitue! Awwww!

I dropped 10 kg previously, Yes people I'm fat before, but now I'm healthy although u may say I'm chubby! I'm just who I am! And till today I don't believe in diet! Period..

I have target that I don't achieve yet, yes, I'm upset with ma self but patient is virtue! With gods will, I will get it...

I love to wear high hills but in the same time I'm a flat addict :D

Don't mind about me, I really like to watch the botak guy! Heheeeeee!

I always a soft spot for cat, and I'm a proud mummmmy of my cat!

I don't like people that heartless, rude, and stingy, I dream of a half gentleman still alive out there..somewhere!

I like many type of music, but always adore people with guitar. It make me jealous! Dang!

I'm not that good, but I do have a heart :)


You may think anything, say anything about me..to be really honest you don't know me much! Although you may think you know me.

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