Wednesday, August 3, 2011

#541...To clear the air!!!

Let me be clear about something...

I don't stalk on people's facebook, but I admit that I stalk on my photographer friend that always capture nice photograph..period!

Today is the 2nd day I'm wearing baju kurung, reason..I just wanna be simple before I start chaotic by the end of month..

Yes, I admit too that I still hurt of what happen. I'm just a human too. I guess its been too long I kept it from people.

Dear gf!!!
Thank you for sms and bbm, this bulat first safely home yesterday and sleeping like a baby. Heheee! And yes a vacation in coming month tooo! I just can't wait baby!

Dear you,
I just wonder why at some point of my day, I tend to clumsy, I tend to be grumpy and nervous... And its been numbered of years already.

I don't know why this happen, and don't as me either. I don't hope much because I know where is my stand.

I have few meeting today that will crack my head today, hope for the best today :) (I guess)

I really hate the mixed feeling that I have now, honestly this is not me. :( I hope time will tell me guess?

Dear September,
I know its to early..but I'm hoping that you will keep this bulat face busy and erase this aching in ma heart! Kuantan, Singapore.. Here me come!!

I have eaten not so nice thing at wondermilk ;'( so this make me no mood to eat.

Yes, I'm working at Porsche.. But I support Mark Webber and our Lotus team! (I have to admit I'm a adrenaline junkie)

I'm using this blog to make as a reminder to myself, I have few thing in pending.. Hope to settle this by this week, and plan to visit my tailor to pick up my baju. Hahaaa! Weee~ (that definately make me smile)

Hey you!!!
Thank you for giving me this heartache and headache in the same time. I honestly given up. I let you to decide everything. Please don't ask me anything no more..

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