Saturday, August 13, 2011

#570...Only in my mind

As I blog this,
I'm at KLIA waiting for my auntie..

Funny is I'm alone today,
Watching people surrounding me..

From mother and father huggie their son or daughter, I guess their flying off to London or Aussie..

To watched kids chasing around, playing around with their cousin..

To watched group of visitor from china packing their stuff at middle of walk way..

To see a kid crying loudly as his dad flying off to some where..

The best scene I will say to children hugging their parents come back from umrah. I must say it make me recall of my parents away to perform haj and umrah..

You may say I'm kaypohcie..
But I like to watched all bad I didn't have my camera with me :'(. It must be nice me guess.

Yesterday outing was really nice,
From heavy dinner for breakfast to late coffee yamcha session. This bulat face is happy! And today another celebration with another GF. This month I can declare as birthday month! Countless already. Hehee~

As we grew older,
I guess many thing will change to better and in the same time make me wanna to travel soon. First of all, I need to clear some shite first. After things runs well, with god's will I will go for my dream travel. :')

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