Monday, August 15, 2011

#571...Its c'est la vie


15th August 2011 embark a new beginning. I'm tired of holding of something that I knew it won't be mine.

Here I am listening to all song that make me calm I feel I'm at home. Yes, I did cried just now because I just can't take it no more.

To many accusation and at the end no matter how hard me try to prove it will back fire me again. Its ok, it life and in french they say French, c'est la vie.

This time around its really hurt me so much, but the funny part I still can smile and move on with my daily task. Never the less, you still like to embarrass me in fronts of my colleague. May Al-Mighty feels the way I feels.

I will do whatever it takes now to prove that you are wrong, and will let the fate runs its course!

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