Sunday, August 21, 2011

#582...Malam 7 likur

I don't know why lately I prefer to listen to Maher Zain, to Adele to Lifehouse live just to ease my heart from heartache

Weird thing is I don't feel much of raya spirit this year, to be really honest I just once only to pasar ramadhan and more to terawih just to make me more calmer..

Yes, my I'm still in the sad mode, but I'm OK. To all my dearie friend and colleague I'm OK. Insyallah, this is my obstacle and I have to go thru in order for me to move on in my life. I won't do something stupid.

This raya is more towards my family and I mention before this year I will Raya at my mum's hometown. Yeay!!!

In couple of day, Insyallah I will be celebrating my birth day. The weird part, I just feel normal. I guess its a transition of getting wiser and more mature...

I miss my self smiling without any hesitation. I miss myself especially the real Azizah. I hope I will see the new light that give me the new strength and new light.

I just listen to other people stories just make envy but yet full happiness. I guess not all will get what they want, I guess its part of life. Don't get me wrong I'm thankful with I have in my life.

After watching a malay drama, Cinta dari Kaabah make me realized one of my dream. I really wanted to go Mekah to perform Umrah. Insyallah. Please doakan for me, murahkan rezeki me in the future.

Since now near to Syawal, I remember my beautiful memories of my arwah Tok Mak and Tok Bak. I really missed them. Deeply. Al-fatihah.

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