Monday, August 22, 2011

#583...I'm to quiet

Lately as I update
Too many thing happening by fate
Thing happen for a good and bad reason
To me maybe its time only show how serious it is seems like a end season.

Maybe along the way it my fault
But I already make it up and correct it for the pass three weeks ago
Although now only one task that I'd didn't manage to do it, relying on 3rd party seems to be my fault too..? God! That is cruel.

Some of u notice the changes,
Sorry I didn't meant too. The situation force me like this, insyallah I shall resume to be me soon. This time I prefer to be in silent mode...

I'm not running away I just wanna to search ma inner peace. To those whom care, I say thank you from bottom of my heart and god bless!

During this time I learned many thing too from keeping ma heart assuming bad thing to seek the guidance from Al-Mighty. Its not good to assume. I always believe assumption kills!

Happpppy birthday dearest awin! Thank u so much for being a friend to this bulat face girl. I love u dearly. God bless. Miss all of my GF's!

Have a great day ahead, I'm not coz keep on visiting Mr toilet...:( (cirit birit*)

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