Wednesday, August 24, 2011

#586...Sad Birthday post!

I don't know how to describe my sadness in my heart..
Being typical of me
I just a put smile and try to move on..
I take this heartache on daily basis..

On the month of Ramadan,
While other go back early,
I don't,
I have to stay to listen the word that make me insane! And on top of that I tend to fight thing that is not nessary no more.

The sad part,
Today is my birthday..I feel heartless. To other maybe you guys can see me talk and smiling to all of you. I just wish you see what I been thru.

Its every girls dream to have a great birthday. Its not the gift that count its the effort, the thought that count.. Who doesn't like surprises or nice present but that doesn't bring the pure joy and happiness. The best present is a touch of love like to see your loved ones happy on their special day.

Thank you to all whom message me personally to keep up my spirit and sanity. May god bless you guys with kindness.

I know I'm not myself lately, thank you for the endless support.

Ya Allah,
Sesungguhnya engkau lebih mengetahui dugaan yang engkau berikan ku,
Ku redha menempuhinya
Tapi ada kala aku tak mampu lagi menerimanya lagi terasa hina diriku ini..
Engkau berilah aku petunjuk and hidayah untukku.


(P.s..I will be alright, insyallah. Thank you to all that responsible to contribute to ma sadness. )
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