Thursday, August 25, 2011

#588...To Mr. Know Everything

Sometime honestly I don't know what is your qualification,
but on the other hand,
Our level of education is quite similar,
Nothing more or less,
But at times u think as if u think know everything right!

You say think first before talk,
But at time your word that come out from your mouth is quite similar like shite!

I pity you,
I really do,
You don't have the hearts,
You full of egotism
Easily use your own assumption to assume thing's,
Maybe god taken that away while you're dead,
I just wish u can feel the heartache and the pain that you caused!
That is my pray for you...

I guess by now I should why people don't like you and refused to talk to you
You lucky to have that type cute face but to bad you have a heart of a villain.
Thank you for a good lesson, I shall keep it and remind myself so I won't be unethical like you.

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