Friday, November 18, 2011

#634...Life challenges

JieJah's Say...I just wonder and think...?
Rough start today,
The funny part i learn pretty good lesson since early in the morning
I rather kept it to myself this time
Assumption always kill especially when it relates to works, friend and family
Either that,  i guess the best lesson so far is we just be who we are,
No matter what people want to say, or think, or assume,
Be a thick skin, although it hurt you to the heart beat..
Be strong, as the truth shall be revealed sooner or later.

I learn this in hard way but at one point in our life,

We need to stop pointing to others but look at yourself first,
Ask for this guidance and in the same time we need to lay low to HIM and tell him what is in your mind, ask for the best guidance...Insyallah!

Few weeks ago,
When few major issue hits me, all i ask from HIM is to show me the truth to me and who ever that involve in the issue. Alhamdulilah, yesterday my pray have been answered by HIM

I'm in a huge hole mess, but i believe that i can make this time and another sad thing that i encounter is you are right! i should known it better.Thank you for open up my eyes and hearts.


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