Friday, January 6, 2012

#655...New Start, New Begining

JieJah's Say...

Some people will start on diet as a start on
new resolution,

Some people change there appearance as a start
on new journey of a new year,

Some people upgrade their relationship
as an improvement in their love live,

Some people just remain as who there are as
they are comfortable as the way it is,

Some people will start to plan to upgrade their
current job,

Who am i to say its right or wrong,
To my opinion 'Niat' its the most important.

i remember a person that i really loved used to say this to me,
"Jika kita berniat baik, apa pun kerja yang kita lakukan akan berjalan dengan sempurna," Arwah Tokmak

Al-Fatihah Tokmak, I missed you dearly!

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