Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I been sick for the last 3 day ago,

and i know from where i got the infection.(-__-**)

I keep on praying please not now as the date is getting nearer

Many thing need to be done but i just feel so little time.

On top of that i have incoming event @ Sepang Circuit

and plus im in the midst of preparation of the new launch car!

Lately too many people asking me this question!

"you tak diet ker gg?" me dengan muka toya will answer I'm happy with who i am.

Peeps I'm not perfect at all,

Been like a moon version before weight more like 70kg,
Am i happy? Kinda, because i can eat what i want
Health wise? Nope because i tend to sick quickly
My turning point? I workout for my health (That is the priority) till now I'm weighing around 50kg :P
and honestly im just lucky because of my work hectic make me as who i am now :P

I'm a human too but honestly im just like other girl with different self conscious but somehow now i just don't care and eat what i want! What matter most i want to achieve my goal 2012...

I want to be happy! In many way that i will and wish.


JieJah's Say...One idols that make me smile always is Adele! Be yourself that i most important thing! :)

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