Friday, January 13, 2012


"Saya sangat perlukan sahabat untuk perbaiki diri. tapi saya perlu nasihat dan teguran, bukan kritikan atau sindiran. saya juga punya hati dan perasaan..dan Alhamdulillah Allah temukan saya dgn mereka.. :') <3"

After read this at one of my favourite site at Tumblr, only one word came out from my mouth, "syukur".
I'm a lucky girl to have someone that can hold my hand when I'm falling down.

Mark another history in my calendar and shall remind myself till the day Al-mighty take me away.

Another good thing when this happen make me more firm on my decision to make my 2012 plan working on schedule!

Its another journey in my life,
I learned many thing about sisterhood,
Its a heartache when people start to misinterpret of your intention,
Breaking of promises and sisterhood its part of life,
A good friend will alway be there for with open arm and heart,
Its not easy to maintain a good relationship,
Its good to discover a new friendship from unexpected place..

More thing to be discovered and its just 13th day in January! :) *wohoooo*

I'm bloging this from Sepang Circuit!

**Mode: kena psycho ngan china man to prove that I'm good in Event Management! *Ketuk dahi**
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