Monday, January 16, 2012

#660...Berserah dan Pasrah

Ya Allah,
Besar sungguh ujian mu untuk ku,
Tak cukup dengan ujian yang ku tempuh satu lagi ujian datang untukku hari ini 16th Januari 2012.

Its hurt when everything that your hope when down to drain when you trying to open your heart again,

Its hurt you the most when people start to interpret about your words and intention,

But again who am I to say about all this, as I am a person to be blame. I never knew its this hard but I hope I'm strong to go thru all this again. Some how some people will only see the mistake that we have made but have them seen their action make other hurt even more? I guess this is another trial that I have to face.

Ya Allah give me strength to go thru all this. Amin.

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