Friday, April 20, 2012


Its been a while i didn't write anything here. Realized there new layout for blog.
Alhamdulilah, that is only words that i shared to all readers. I'm writing this from a friend laptop.

Since this hardship began, i realized something and learned to appreciate more things in my life now. The concept of Redha seems much simpler compared before. Thru i'm waiting for the 'big new', it cant stop me to LIVE. I knew it will tough!

Before i start to forget,
Just to update that my BB has been stolen while me working last week. To be really honest that device that can me smile since last January. Honestly, i do upset and break down but some how i realized that is the written faith from God.

This journey its not easy, it really-really open my eyes. From many expect in life but one thing for sure is i wont give up. No matter what other people sees in me, look nor stare at me, i shall be strong... Insyallah.

Jiejah's Says:

When you have been at your hardest or lowest point of your life,
You tend to be stronger and push yourself to be better,
Most of all, always be greatful about everything. Believe me, i know.

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