Monday, March 15, 2010

6# .... Quotes

i read this qoutes just now, it make me melt instantly

I still remember the first day we met,

The first time we hugged,
The first time we kissed,
The first time you told me you loved me,
The first time I knew,
I wasn't going to ever live without you.The longest period of time,is waiting for something or someone you truly want.


nitha subramaniam said...

Hey Babe.. i love your blog. Its colorful and the pics from postsecrets are really nice. Glad to know that you are still supporting 'em. Im looking forward to read more of your stuff so keem em' updated right..

Azizah Abd Jamal said...

Hey babe,Thanks..I still support them. :) and thank you for your support.