Monday, October 4, 2010

#203... Lesson of life

 Today its monday
why on earth that im gloomy
why there no bird flying at the sky
why many thing happen not according to plan
why human simply heartless
why im wondering all this

Maybe it not rhyme
but it not mine
i just scribble at time
my mind just wonder at times

Human just being ordinary
at times they will try to be extraordinary
but sometime they seems heartless
as word they potray
is pain in ma ass
Yes! it hurt but would you care
some will do but some
will ignore...
By human we will say let it be
but the wound in heart will not bare
by time it will explode
would you hear and care..?

yes you..stop with the stupid argumentation
who are you again
i don't know you..
the fact i don't care about you..
you a piece of potion in ma life

JieJah's Say...
Stop acting because i know its fact, as i can tell you are a tale...

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