Tuesday, October 12, 2010

#213... I'm sorry Baby..

As previous post,
i shared tragedy that happen to me yesterday
i really thought that i express in my blog
will give me a peace of mind went i go home

but...i'm dead wrong

Here i'm half way home
realized that i can't go home
to face the other kitten that left..
Believe it or not
I start to cry again in the car
i try not to but tear just cant stop pouring

As i reach home,
slowly i drove inside
but ma eye saw the mummy of ma kitten
she searching the babies
i'm really hurt by that
she keep on calling
and when i step out from the car
she give me this straight look
i know...Im sorry dearie.

Then she ran at ma car
snifing thru under the car
calling and calling her children
my tear keep on falling
its non-stop
my mum hug me
because she know how close i'm to this cat

"Please forgive me, i didn't mean to take yer children away
from you..
I'm sorry..
i really-really do deary..,"

I realized something..

I recognize that face
then ma mum tell me that the other two kitten also
seems can't be located
they search the babies since last afternoon
no sign of them both
Then i said "no wonder when i called or sms you guyz seems don't want to answer it,"
Now i know why..
Footnote: Maybe you will wonder, I'm very emo when it comes to ma cat everyone in ma family knows it, because I'm very closed with ma cat..even they sleep with me.

Maybe you all will think
why on earth me so emotional about this
the reason this is the first time
I hit ma kitten, the cat died ;(
all ma family have that experience
even when they hit i'm the first one whom crying
but when i'm in this position
i do regret it..
wishing i could turn back time
to make you come back to mummy
but i realized i can't do that dearie..
till i see you again..
all i have is i'm really sorry sweet honey baby..

Good nite baby,
Good bye baby..
May you & Sibling rest in peace..
I love you more than you can imagine..

From yer mummy jiejah..

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