Wednesday, October 13, 2010

#214...Hai, Ma name is Jiejah


I hope life have treat you well
i don't know why i today i would like to story share about ma self
many of ma post will show
ma emotion toward many things in life
things happen to ma personal,
ma work place,
ma opinion toward generals,
ma famile,
ma cat,
ma emo,
And many more..hahhaaaaa

i wanna share about ma dream and hope
since last two, three days ago
me keep on hearing this topic which make me trigger to express mine
wah!suddenly i feel so expressionist..

I believe everyone have their hope and dream
many hoping to get rich
marry a royalty
working as doctor,lawyer and many more
many other dream that we all came across with..

As for me on ma previous post,

I would like to run a business mybe a restaurant with catering service
reason ma mum such a great cooker and the best personal chef money can't buy in life..
beside to help ma own family, it will also keep us closer..;)

I hope ma plan next year will runs smoothy as what we will plan (**at this time we don't have the dats yet)
Yes, i know it won't be easy but i know we will kan dearie? and we can pull this Together
So, we can dream and live our life together...with godwilling maybe we have our own litte junior

I want to travel
At this nearest time, i just want to relax and plain taking picture all day long.
Maybe Penang, Melaka, Port Dickson...or bagan lalang
i love beach, the blue skies make me happy
sitting there doin nothing waiting the sunset
also make me happy..

Me tot now really wanna go..and have fun with Mr sunny all day long.
Me with skinny bikini sitting at the beach doin nothing watching the sunset with ma Lumix at ma hand

I wanna to improve ma skill,
Maybe you will wonder why? to me every day its all about learning new thing
its weather you realized or not.. and to me wanna to continue ma studies.
With god willing and more rezeki me will continue..Insyallah.

Talk about skill,
I wanna learn to play a guitar again
it been ages i didn't play that instrument
i know bak plays very well and me like it
so maybe if have more rezeki mane tau me can continue ma dream

Every other day i always have this thought in ma head
I really nak pergi for Umrah..Maybe its cliche but its ma dream
I wanna see the magnificent of AL-Mighty,
saya merendah diri untuk kesana,
saya tau saya bukan orang yang sempurna,
tetapi yang pasti saya ingin mencari keampunan dan rahmat darinya.

JieJah's Say...Hope that it will come true, Insyallah. Amin.

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