Wednesday, January 25, 2012

#660...Taken for Granted

You do not take for granted the one

who waits for you,

who stayed with you when everyone else decided to bail,

who listens to all your problems,

who calls and texts to check on you when you're sad, sick and mad,

who believes that you're worth it,

who trusts you fully,

who shares their deepest secrets and hopes,

who tolerates your teasing,

who gave you time and space to breathe,

who tells you thing as it is,

who stuck by you when everyone else starts dissing,

who gets hurt trying to fix you,

who hated those hating on you,

who rationalizes every issue you had,

who tries to be the stronger one when clearly is not; you just don't.

Because this world takes back whatever was given to you. And when that happens, you'll probably live a lifetime of regret.

*Notes: Its been a while I didn't update this blog. As above this something that I would like share from my heart.

I learn every bits of my mistakes and lesson that I get from the pass week. Thank you to those whom stand by me and I would like to this opportunity to apologize to people that hurt along the journey. May Al-Mighty blessed you. Amin.
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